I had a front-row seat to Danielle & Brian’s love story. I have been friends with Danielle for years. When she met Brian, I could tell things were different. This guy was different – in the best way.

Danielle is someone that knows how to have a good time and she is so caring & loving and deserves the absolute world. So I had pretty high expectations for whoever was going to steal her heart.

Brian proved to exceed those expectations pretty quickly. He is so sweet & genuine but most importantly, he made Danielle so stinking happy!

Danielle and Brian fell in love before my eyes and I loved seeing every single second of it. When they got engaged and asked me to be their photographer, I nearly cried. I was so honored that they even thought of me since I had never even shot a big wedding before!

This day was so many things. It was beautiful, emotional and above anything it was so very personal. They not only made this incredible commitment to one another in front of all of their friends & family but they also got to share the incredible news that they were pregnant & expecting a beautiful baby boy!

It was truly a celebration. Every second of it. And it is to this day one of my favorite weddings that I have ever shot!

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