I met Paige through my husband. They were coworkers and my husband always told me that we would be friends if we met (spoiler alert, he was right). Paige is such a sweet soul and when I first met Danny. It made perfect sense. They made perfect sense.

Danny & Paige are like two puzzle pieces that fit together so well and you forget what it was even like when the pieces were apart. The love & respect that these two have for one another is something I really admire. They are both so kind and it is so easy to love them. So when they asked me to take their engagement photos, I freaking leaped at the opportunity!

Looking at these photos, you would have no freaking idea that there were tons of people everywhere, that the sound of the waves was so loud we could barely hear each other, or that I had a 3-month-old sleeping baby strapped to my chest. But most of all you would have no clue that Danny hurt his back pretty dang badly the day before our session. But he was dedicated, he really wanted to create some beautiful pictures for his bride-to-be. And holy crap did they deliver. Paige had a vision for this shoot and wanted to make it drop-dead gorgeous. So she freaking did!

Paige found a stunning dress and picked out the perfect jewelry. She even got flowers to really elevate the entire session. Needless to say, I was drooling. The clear chemistry and pure love that these amazing humans share is something to be admired. The photos say it all and to this day, these are some of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken.

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