Rachel & Austin’s love story is too sweet not to share! After meeting for the first time casually, they went their separate ways & forgot one another until a year later when they met again! This time Austin got the courage to march up to Rachel and ask for her number. They have been together ever since! The stuff of romantic comedies if you ask me! They spent a year dating long-distance and finally after a year and a half of dating they got engaged!!!!

The park was so calm and quiet and there was no else around that day. It was the perfect backdrop for Rachel & Austin’s engagement photos. We had fun with their adorable pup Maverick. They danced on a bridge next to a small little creek. Austin even sang to Rachel at one point (It’s fine, I wasn’t melting inside over the cuteness. it’s totally fine). There are those sessions where the couple’s chemistry just shines. I get to just sit back and watch it unfold. This was one of those sessions, their love was so evident and they weren’t afraid to have some fun along the way! I still gush over these photos and probably will for the foreseeable future.

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