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I am so dang excited that you are here! After over a decade behind the camera & 4+ years working as a wedding & elopement photographer, I have learned a TON about what it takes to thrive in this industry & in business. And now I want to share that knowledge with you!

I am here to cheer you on and help you create the business of your dreams!

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Hi, Im Cristeal!

I know investing in your business can be so dang scary! But taking the leap of faith & believing in yourself & in your business can literally CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

And I say that as a single mama who started this business from the ground up by myself. I made strategic investments along the way that scared the heck out of me, but were EXACTLY what my business needed to skyrocket. Without the education & support provided to me by my mentors, I would not be where I am today & now I want to pass on all my tips & tricks to you!

The investment

One Time 2 hour Call


This isn't your normal zoom meeting, it's a COOL zoom meeting! Okay but really, this 2 hour call will be JAM FREAKING PACKED with actionable steps catered specifically to you & your biz! I will take the time to really get to know you and your business goals before we ever even hop on our call so that we can really hit the ground running! My goal is to help you end our call with a refined vision & a detailed plan on how to not only achieve your goals but to freaking CRUSH THEM!


$500 per quater

Feeling like you want a long term relationship rather than a one time thing?? Don't we all babe! LOL okay but seriously I totally get this & that's why I offer a quarterly 1 hour call so get more long term support & we can tackle any new goals & ideas that pop up as your business grows!

2 hour Meeting + 1 Hour Photoshoot

During this in person meeting I can walk you step by step through ANYTHING & EVERYTHING I do in my photography business. I will give you all my secrets to success from the first inquiry all the way to the gallery delivery. Our in person meeting will be followed by a live couples session where we will break out our cameras & I'll show you how I work with my couples & how I infuse emotion & fun throughout all my sessions.

2 hour Meeting + 1 Hour Photoshoot
+ 1 Hour Editing Session

and if you still want more?



This mentor session is the ultimate deep dive because we can tackle every single part of your biz & you can see not only how I photograph my couples but how I edit for all different types of lighting scenarios! If you still feel intimidated by harsh light or those dark church ceremonies, this is the one for you because I will give you all the tips to not only conquer those fears but feel so incredibly confident behind your camera & while editing.

want to meet in person?

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want to learn how to get reviews like this...


"Cristeal is the BEST photographer! 10/10 recommend to anyone looking for a photographer who takes amazing photos and is a FUN time. We recently had our engagement shoot, and couldn't thank Cristeal enough for making it such a fun experience for us. No awkward moments or forced poses! She also checked in and gave us helpful tips prior to our shoot! Not to mention she captured the most beautiful moments *still crying* (obsessed with how beautiful the photos turned out) but not only is she an amazing photographer, but a genuine person. After our shoot, she offered to take photos of a couple close by who just got married and didn't have a photographer. So sweet! So YES you should definitely book her because she's just amazing. I can't wait to see the magic she'll do with our wedding day" -Marissa

"I actually found Cristeal through an Instagram reel after searching for a local photographer. I live in Nevada and was not really have any luck with someone who felt like a piece to it puzzle. I wanted someone different, lively and wouldn’t just do a “wedding protocol”, but someone who would capture our day of fun, celebration and give us a way to revisit it the way it actually happened! I saw her reel where she was having just as much fun as the couple and capturing it, she was just what I was looking for ! I had no issues flying her out to our wedding!
Cristeal made me feel like I was talking to myself ! It felt as though she could see what I was seeing! It was so refreshing, she even helped me to hone in on my thoughts and really focus them on what actually mattered! She felt like a pocket of peace and I loved every minute of communicating with!
She made us feel so excited, we could feel the joy and creativity flowing from her and her assistant! Cristeal! Even my husband, who hates photos said she had such great energy, it was easy to vibe with her and she made taking pictures feel easy!
I only expected photos, but she gave us so much more than we expected! It felt like we gained a friend ! And her photos were stunning!
Oh my goodness yes Cristeal made us feel extra special and taken care of as clients!!!!!!!! She went above and beyond to book the location of this abandoned post office building where we took photos! I told her I was not having any luck and unsure of where else to take photos. From the moment I walked into the location (while it was a shop closing down) I knew I wanted our photos there. Cristeal was able to track down the owner and book it for what felt like pennies!!!
I have been telling everyone to hire her! She is energetic, creative, welcoming, genuine, PREPARED, ORGANIZED, and actually follows through with everything ! Even to the day we received photos, she was on top of it all!" -Hannah



want to learn how to get reviews like this...



want to learn how to get reviews like this...

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