an amazing engagement session at Scripps Beach

Shila & Ben were freaking DOWN to have a good time which meant we had some freaking fun together! They danced and frolicked along the sand and then went all the way in the water which left me speechless! Every single moment during this playful engagement session at Scripps Beach in La Jolla, California, including the brisk water, was 10000% worth it!!! And, I was so happy that they chose me to capture every single moment! Come see what it’s like having a professional third wheel by your side during your engagement session!

Your Engagement Session Should Be Fun & Playful And Nothing Less!

Let me give it to you straight, your engagement session should be all about YOU, fun and playful as heck! And, seriously, NOTHING LESS! I’m ready to dig our toes deep in the sand or run full send into the ocean with no care in the world! An engagement session should feel like an insanely awesome date with a third wheel (me of course)!! I want to capture your authentic love and have you feel so in shock that you can be captured in a way that truly shows off your love exactly how it is! No act, no feeling uncomfortable, just the pure YOUUUU having fun with your partner – just like these two were able to do during their Scripps Beach engagement session in La Jolla!

buckle up, it’s time to party!

Are you ready to go on an adventure together and have your epic beach engagement session captured with your new favorite third wheel? Head on over to my contact form, hop in my inbox, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!! Let’s go!! Can’t wait to get started!!

Scripps Beach & Southern California Engagement Photographer | Cristeal Felien Photography

Come see more of this FUN engagement with Shila & Ben below!

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