If you are dreaming of marrying your best friend in a magical location on the West Coast and want to elope in California, this blog is for you! I’m about to hook you UP with my fave spots in California to elope!! Ready? Let’s get to it!

My Favorite 5 Places to Elope In California:

Malibu, California

It’s no secret that Malibu is STUNNING and could be the perfect place when deciding where to elope in California! But, what you may not know is that Malibu is home to some incredible cliffs & rock formations, that make the most INCREDIBLE backdrop for your wedding day!


1. Apply for your permit asap since it is required to shoot there & takes time to get.

2. Make sure to consider the tide if you don’t want to get wet & for your safety.

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Yosemite National Park

The California icon herself… Yosemite National Park. This park is filled with miles and miles worth of PERFECT spots to say “I do” and create an epic California elopement. From Taft point to the valley, you cannot go wrong in Yosemite! Want to learn more about Yosemite grounds and how beautiful it is visit their website HERE!


1. A permit is required & takes time to get so do it as soon as you know your heart is set on Yosemite.

2. This year specially the traffic inside the park takes quite a bit of time. So I would plan for an all day adventure!

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Joshua Tree National Park

If you love the desert & all things boho, I gotchu! This desert feels otherworldly & it has tons of amazing Airbnb’s to call home while you explore and celebrate your love!


1. Yet again, this park requires a permit. So apply ASAP. If you need help acquiring a permit, don’t hesitate to reach out so I can help! HERE is where you can learn more about their permit process!

2. I recommend exploring before hand to find the exact location that you love! There are SO many beautiful spots to choose from so planning ahead would be a great idea to make sure you end up choosing the BEST locating for you and your partner!

Glamis Sand Dunes

Did we just teleport to Morocco??!? Nope but you will feel like you did when you see these dunes! The sand, the wind & the sheer vastness of the landscape will blow you away! This location should 10000% be on your top list of places to elope in California at!


1. Make sure to park in a valid parking spot! I’ve seen numerous cars get tickets because they parked in a no parking zone. Just take the extra time to find a parking spot, trust me, you WILL get a ticket if you don’t!! And, we definitely don’t want that!!

2. Consider renting an ATV while you visit because walking the dunes is a freaking workout and it is also a super popular spot so you may want to drive a ways out in order to have some privacy! If you need some recommendations in this process, let me know! I would be happy to help!

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Sunset Cliffs, California

Ok, come onnnnnnn this place, the views, the cliffs. Sunset Cliffs HAS IT ALL!! If you are looking for a lowkey location to elope in California at and be absolutely stunning then this is it my friends!


1. This is a VERY busy location so I recommend arriving ahead of time to ensure everyone gets parking.

2. This location requires a permit so make sure to talk with the permit office well in advance.

3. You can make your day as simple as you want just like this beautiful couple by only having themselves, family and their dogs! No decor & no chairs! Less pressure and planning stress is the best option!

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I’m Ready To Capture & Help You Elope In California Next!

So, there you have it!! Those are my 5 BEAUTIFUL places to elope at in California! Have I convinced you yet and are you ready to elope in California and bring me along to capture every single moment? If you are thinking – HECK YES! Then, let’s do it! These are just 5 places out of MANY that we can choose from! Have a different idea, different vibe, different theme in mind? I would love to help you create your perfect day. Fill out my contact form and we can start planning together!! Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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