Edgy. Intentional. Intimate. Magical.

Wow, this edgy bohemian winery wedding in Temecula at Wilson Creek Winery was stunninnnggg! Zayne and Casey have the best vibe. This intimate day had a little bit of magic infused. It was calm & stress free and in some ways even felt like an elopement. But, it still had all the beautiful elements of a full wedding day. Come take a look at at how amazing this wedding day turned out and how magical it was!

A Magical Boho Winery Wedding Day

This winery wedding was magical. From the beautiful boho inspired florals, to the stunning vine covered reception area, all the way to their adorable giant pup alongside them during their ceremony. It was all around breathtaking. So much about their love story is so unique which is why I loved that they wanted to add a little edge to their day. One of my favorite moments of this day was their first look! Casey was so sweet with her and even wiped the tears off of Zayne’s cheek. It was so emotional and sweet & I loved every second!! I am so honored that I was able to be a part of their love story.

Always Make Time For Intimate Sunset Photos!

During the ceremony, I noticed the sun was dropping a lot faster then we thought so the second it was over I whisked them away as fast as I could to get photos but it was too late. The sun was gone. So I looked at them and said are you guys down to get creative? And they were SO down!! I was ecstatic! I brought out every external light that I had and we shot all of their romantics in basically complete darkness & the result to this day still makes my mouth drop. Honestly, I was grateful we took some pictures right after their first look but I also am freaking obsessssseddd with the way that the romantics ended up lending to their edgy vibe.

The Beautiful “How We Met” Story That Led To This Amazing Winery Wedding

Sneak into the story, her mom always knew that they were going to be together for forever – what a true love story! So sweet! I always say, mom knows best!

“We actually met about 18 months prior to when we started dating. We met at the motocross track – I was dating another guy and my uncle had invited us to the track. Casey was working for my uncle at the time. When I spoke to my mom a few days later, she asked me how it was going to the track and if I met anyone interesting. I mentioned meeting a “nice kid named Casey”.

My mom knew I had a boyfriend, who she wasn’t a fan of. When I mentioned Casey, she said “what
about him?” I asked what she meant and she said “to date. What about him?” I was offended and couldn’t believe she’d say such a thing when I had a boyfriend. Well…. mom’s always know. Haha. Casey and I reconnected about 18 months later on Instagram – I like to say he “slid into my DMs” and it drives him nuts. Haha. We both agree that there was never a single moment where anything CLICKED. Everything has always been so easy and made so much sense since we’ve been together, I think we just always assumed we’d be together forever – like there was never a question.”

– Casey & Zayne

I love an amazing love story! Such a sweet couple and it felt so special capturing their love!

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Come see more of this beautiful boho wedding day below!

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