A Unique, Traditional & Emotional Wedding Day I’ll Never Forget!

Hannah and Sionne found me from a reel of mine that went viral & instantly decided I was her girl. We hopped on a call and immediately clicked. So we made things official! Over the next few months, we planned all the little details that led to her emotional wedding day in Reno, Nevada. There were so many things about this wedding day that was SO amazing!! The architecture of an Old Post Office at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino was UNREAL & the owner was so so excited to see how much we loved every inch of this gorgeous place. Hannah & Sionne got some of the most unique wedding photos I’ve ever shot because she knew what she wanted and asked for it & to this day they leave me speechless! Come see more of this breathtaking and emotional wedding day below!

The Story That Led To Their Unique, Traditional and Emotional Wedding Day In Nevada

When it came time to talk about where they wanted to take their wedding photos, we were stumped. The resort where they were going to hold the ceremony was MASSIVE!! But, it would also be packed with people so we looked into nearby trails & pretty locations but nothing really caught Hannahs eye. About a month before her big day Hannah told me about this building that used to be an Old Post Office that she is in love with & would love to take photos in. But the building was in the process of being sold & she didn’t know how to even ask to use it. Well, I took this info and ran with it!

I contacted the tenants of the basement of the building, the realtor, the old tenants, and literally anyone and everyone that had a small connection to the building that I could find. Then, I thought all hope was lost. It had been a few weeks of me emailing & calling with no response. But a week before the wedding, the owner of the building reached out to me! And, said we could use it!! I screamed and called Hannah and we both were FREAKING OUT!!! It was so exciting! But, I don’t think either of us were ready for just how stunning it would be once we went inside!!! To say it was breathtaking was a total UNDERSTATEMENT! I mean come onnn… look at these!

My Favorite Moments From Hannah & Sionne’s Wedding Day At Grand Sierra Resort And Casino

A part of Hannah & Sionnes day that I just LOVED was learning all about Tongan Weddings & seeing all the breathtaking traditions that they integrated throughout their day! One part in particular led me to tears. During the reception many different people performed traditional Tongan dances & it felt like such an honor just to be in the room to witness them. I knew that Hannah was nervous & had spent so much time learning & preparing for her dance, so when Sionne saw her walk out – the look on his face was one for the books.

He was so insanely proud and quickly joined her on the dance floor to show his love & support. He was soon accompanied by all their friends and family. Everyone let out shouts of encouragement, applause & began dancing as well. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Everyone was so present & you could feel the joy and love in that room. At the end of Hannah’s dance a bunch of the guys started getting really hyped. They all dog piled on each other which was unexpected but HILARIOUS.

Kind Words From Hannah & Sionne

“I actually found Cristeal through an Instagram reel after searching for a local photographer. We live in Nevada and was not really have any luck with someone who felt like a piece to it puzzle. I wanted someone different, lively and wouldn’t just do a “wedding protocol”, but someone who would capture our day of fun, celebration and give us a way to revisit it the way it actually happened! We saw her reel where she was having just as much fun as the couple and capturing it, she was just what I was looking for! I had no issues flying her out to our wedding!

Cristeal made me feel like I was talking to myself! It felt as though she could see what I was seeing! It was so refreshing, she even helped me to hone in on my thoughts and really focus them on what actually mattered! She felt like a pocket of peace and I loved every minute of communicating with her!

She made us feel so excited, we could feel the joy and creativity flowing from her and her assistant! Even my husband, who hates photos said she had such great energy, it was easy to vibe with her and she made taking pictures feel easy! I only expected photos, but she gave us so much more than we expected! It felt like we gained a friend! And her photos were stunning!

Oh my goodness Cristeal made us feel extra special and taken care of as clients!!!!!!!! She went above and beyond to book the location of this abandoned post office building where we took photos! I told her I was not having any luck and unsure of where else to take photos. From the moment I walked into the location (while it was a shop closing down) I knew I wanted our photos there. Cristeal was able to track down the owner and book it for what felt like pennies!!!

I have been telling everyone to hire her! She is energetic, creative, welcoming, genuine, PREPARED, ORGANIZED, and actually follows through with everything! Even to the day we received photos, she was on top of it all!”

-Hannah & Sionne

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Come see more of this beautiful & emotional wedding day below!

A Beautiful & Emotional Wedding Day In Reno, Nevada

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