My number 1 goal for my couples is to make their engagement photos a dream come true and have it be filled with TONS of magical moments! The best way to do that is by creating a seamless, fun and easy plan in advance. Once we have all of the details together you will be able to fully immerse yourself into the day (which is exactly how it should be!)! If you are ready for unforgettable and dreamy Big Sur engagement photos then you need to keep reading. Here are my top 3 tips on how to create a magical and effortless engagement session in Big Sur!

Tip #1: Do Your Permit Research

Most of the beaches in Big Sur require permits! Make sure when you are planning your Big Sur engagement photos that you do your research far in advance and speak with the permitting office to see if they have any permits available. The last thing we want is to arrive at the location you chose and not be able to capture anything or have to change our locations at the last second! Don’t worry, I will be helping you along the way the entire time and making sure that we have it all set up and ready to go well in advance!

Tip #2: Keep Cell Phone Reception In Mind

You may not know this but Big Sur has lots of nearly non-existent cell phone service areas. If you are wanting to choose a secluded beach location for your Big Sur engagement photos remember that you will have to have your directions cued up in advance. And! Make sure to take care of everything you need cell phone reception for before you enter Big Sur!

Tip #3: Prepare For The Wind

Just like this engagement session, the wind can be crazy and cause sand storms! This couple were total troopers when the winds got up to 20 mph! My recommendation is to not stress about having a super intricate updo because the wind is going to whisk that hair in every direction! Keep in mind that the sand flying in the air can make your lips pretty chapped. Choose those loose curls and make sure to pack a jacket, some chapstick and lots of water for the adventure!

I believe that with these top 3 Big Sur engagement photos tips you should be able to feel more relaxed and know that you are ready for your adventure with your partner!! I would absolutely love to be a part of your adventure engagement session and be able to capture your love next.

Are you ready to create your magical Big Sur engagement photos?

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