✨You’re doing wedding planning wrong✨

Sayyyy wuuttt?! Yeah… you heard me right.

Bride and groom enjoying their wedding day

You may be doing wedding planning wrong…

You’re prioritizing what EVERYONE ELSE wants & not what YOU & YOUR PARTNER want. Now, you may be thinking… “Cristeal, how the HECK am I supposed to do that?!” I got you. Lemme break it down.

Your wedding is about YOU.

It’s not about your mom. Or your aunt. It’s about you & your spouse. Period.
When you care more about catering to the wants & opinions of others, you are investing in their dreams instead of your own. At the end of the day – who is going to longingly look back on your wedding? Who is going to stare at your wedding photos for the next 50 years?

You & your spouse. And probably NOT your Aunt Karen.

Instead of prioritizing the preferences of others, YOU have to remember this day is for you & your partner if you expect others to remember that as well.
Be honest with your family & friends about your intentions for your day & explain to them WHY you want to do things the way you have been dreaming of. I know the fear of conflict is real so here is an example of a way you can say to your fam that you are gonna do things your own way:
“I appreciate your perspective but we have been dreaming of doing ____ this way because ____ & I want this day to be the day that we as a couple want. I love you & appreciate you & want to include you in my day & I hope you can respect our decision”


One tangible thing that you can do is offer to give your family ownership over one specific task. An example of this would be telling your future mother-in-law that you would love for her to take care of the party favors & ask her to handle it from start to finish. This gives her a job so that she feels included and it takes something off of your plate so it’s a win-win!

Did you need to hear this today?!? 🖐🏼

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