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All your vendors are asking for this magical timeline but you have no idea how to make one, where to start or even how long all these things take. You feel lost and confused and have spent hours googling but there are just too many variations & you aren't sure which would actually work best for you & the vision for YOUR wedding?

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The wedding Timeline Workbook!


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You will answer some basic wedding questions about what you want for your day & with the help of my workbook & my magical automated formula - the workbook will take those answers & create your day of wedding timeline FOR YOU!

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How it Works

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You didn't even know you needed a day of timeline
You get stressed even thinking about your wedding
Your vendors asked you for a day-of-timeline but you have NO IDEA where to start
The planning process makes you want to pull your hair out
You want peace of mind knowing you got this done way before the morning of!
You LOVE organization!
You want someone to take care of it for you without having to spend tons of $
You want to focus a little less on the math and a little more on the fun stuff!
You want insight from a Wedding Pro to make sure it's perfect
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this is for  you if

This is for you if:

"useful tool for every bride"

"This is such a helpful and useful tool every bride would benefit from! It was detailed, intricate, and user-friendly. Ultimately, I LOVED how organized the final schedule/results were and I definitely recommend this for anybody planning their wedding- type A''s will enjoy this and type B''s will appreciate this tool!" - VICTORIA

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